Custom spirits distillation and product development

The Johannesburg Distilling Company offers two distinct services: white labelling and bespoke (tailor-made) products.

White labelling takes an existing recipe and puts it into your brand. Custom distilling/ Bespoke / Tailor-made is where we create a unique recipe / formulation for you.

Each of these methods use an artisanal process, highest quality ingredients, sustainable methods and passion.




White labelling involves repackaging our premium craft gin or vodka into customised packaging, tailored to the specific requirements of our clients. This option is ideal for businesses or individuals looking to add their own branding to a high-quality spirit.

Our team will closely collaborate with clients to develop custom packaging that represents their brand. From production to distribution, we take care of every aspect of the process.

Lead times - 2-4 weeks

Minimum order quantities - 50

Pricing - Starting at R315 per bottle ex VAT

Discounts - Available on repeating orders and volumes over 500



For those seeking a truly unique product, our bespoke service is the perfect choice. This comprehensive service involves creating a custom recipe, designing the packaging, obtaining certificates of compliance, manufacturing and delivering the product.

Our team of experts works closely with clients to develop a one-of-a-kind spirit that aligns with their vision. From selecting botanicals to designing labels, every element can be tailored to their specifications.

Lead times - 6-8 weeks

Minimum order quantities - 250

Pricing - Starting at R320 per bottle ex VAT 

Discounts - available on repeating orders and volumes over 1000




Recipe/Formulation Considerations:

  • Collaboration with the distillery's experts to create a unique recipe or flavour profile
  • Selection of botanicals, herbs, or other ingredients for the desired taste
  • Options for creating a signature blend or specific spirit style

Bottle Considerations (volume dependant):

  • Choice of bottle shape, size, and material
  • Custom bottle embossing or engraving options
  • Bottle colour customisation

Label Considerations:

  • Custom label design and artwork
  • Label material and finish options (e.g., matte, gloss)
  • Label application method (e.g., adhesive, shrink sleeve)

Minimum Order Quantities:

  • Clarification of minimum order quantities for white labelling services
  • Understanding any volume discounts or pricing tiers based on order quantities

Lead Times:

  • Estimated lead times for production, bottling, and packaging
  • Consideration of additional time required for label design approval and printing

Launch and Promotional Considerations:

  • Development of a marketing strategy for the white-labelled product
  • Promotional materials creation, such as brochures, flyers, or digital assets
  • Consideration of launch events or tastings to promote the product
  • Collaboration with the distillery's marketing team for brand promotion

Additional Considerations:

  • Customised closure options (e.g., cork, synthetic cork, screw cap)
  • Customised packaging, such as gift boxes or tubes
  • Labelling compliance with local regulations
  • Customised product information inserts or promotional materials


At Johannesburg Distilling Company, we prioritise quality and attention to detail. Whether through our white labelling or bespoke service, we utilise only the finest ingredients and production methods, ensuring that every bottle is flawless.

With our industry experience and expertise, we guide clients through the intricate process of creating a custom spirit, surpassing their expectations with a remarkable end product.


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